Reet Good Lancashire Neet

Sid Calderbank
Sid Calderbank
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Celebrate Lancashire Night in style tomorrow night with some traditional entertainment.

The Museum of Lancashire is hosting their annual Lancashire Neet festivities tomorrow with a star turn from old style dialect performer Sid Calderbank.

Euxton boy Sid is the highlight of a night which also offers a chance to taste some great local foods.

And at 9pm guests can join a great Lancashire Day tradition, the Loyal Toast to our Queen, who is also Duke of Lancaster.

Tickets for the event, which runs from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, are on sale at the museum, priced at £10 each, or on 01772 534075

Lancashire Day marks the historic date in 1295 that the first elected representatives from Lancashire were summoned by King Edward I to attend Parliament at Westminster.

Native Lancastrian Sid has researched and collected songs, stories and poems of old Lancashire for the past 30 odd years and has performed at folk and art festivals as well as local clubs, hoping to preserve our ancient language for future generations.