The only legal Supremes group

Motor City Memories: The Sounds Of The Supremes
Motor City Memories: The Sounds Of The Supremes
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The sound of Motown hits Lancashire next month.

Motor City Memories: The Sounds Of The Supremes will feature true Supreme Kaaren Ragland when they play Lancaster’s Grand Theatre on Friday 2.

Since 1989 The Sounds of the Supremes (the only group of their type legally endorsed by Motown) led by Kaaren Ragland, a former member of original Supreme Mary Wilson’s 70s/80s version of the group, have enjoyed worldwide success. London’s What’s On described their incomparable energy-packed show featuring more than 20 hit songs as “a non-stop style bravura performance of immense vitality” recreating “perfectly the frenetic sound of the original line-up”.

These three American women have even released a record under the Supremes banner, Live At Highclere Castle, and will tour Australia in June and July and appear at Nokia Halls, Tel Aviv, later this year with seven-time Grammy Award winner Dennis Edwards’ Temptations Review.

For the groups’ 2014 U.K. tour that begins April 30 at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, Scotland and ends May 24 at the Hippodrome, Eastbourne, the ladies are joined by “special guest” Motown’s Johnny Britt of Imprompt2”

“Beautiful Queen” is the current release from his solo recording Feels So Good featuring Jessy J on G Music.