New CK is fresh and fabulous

Chiu Kwan: The New CK, Blackpool Road, Ashton
Chiu Kwan: The New CK, Blackpool Road, Ashton
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Chiu Kwan: The New CK, Blackpool Road, Ashton

There’s nothing worse than being on a promise of food and then ending up with an empty stomach.

This happened to me the other day at an event where I was supposed to be tucking into a delicious three-course meal until a fire alarm led to an evacuation of the building and lunch being off the menu.

Arriving home with my stomach rumbling and ready to eat my own arm, a takeaway was our only hope, so Hubby drove us to Chiu Kwan: The New CK for ‘quality Cantonese cuisine freshly cooked’.

Our son had a taste for chicken foo yung, while our daughter went for curried chicken.

Hubby chose chicken satay, while I tried to fool myself into believing I was choosing a healthier dish by going for Singapore Chow Mein, described as hot and spicy.

All dishes were £6, including rice, chips or fried rice for 50p more. We had three rices and one portion of chips.

Our food was ready in perfect time… long enough for you to know it was being freshly prepared, not so long that you have practically collapsed with starvation. And they even threw in a free bag of prawn crackers.

On arriving home with our bounty and serving up, any thoughts of trying to be healthy went out the window as I decided I wanted a bit of everything.

The portions were plentiful so the spread looked like a mini banquet. All the meals were of excellent quality with no scrimping on ingredients.

The foo young was tasty and crammed with chicken, beansprouts and vegetables and went well with chips.

The chicken satay was delicious and the sauce had great depth of flavour. It was the favourite of most of the family.

I was also impressed with the Singapore Chow Mein, 
especially as it’s not something I would normally go for.

The huge portion had lots of wonderful ingredients, meat and vegetables, and the sauce had a great spicy kick without being overwhelming.

The chicken curry was also good and probably better than most Chinese curries we have had. However, because all the rest of the meals had such a wow factor, it seemed quite ordinary in comparison.

As is always the way when you’re famished, I soon filled up. Although that might have been something to do with how much food there was.

So we had plenty left for a second Chinese the day after. And if anything, it seemed to taste even better.

We’ll definitely be taking a drive to Chiu Kwan again – only next time I won’t wait until I’m quite so ravenous.

Star rating: 9/10