Pub’s takeaway pud service is icing on cake

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Alan Burrows heads to Southport’s newest pub, the Guelder Rose on the seafront with great views of the Irish sea

The argument has long been lost. How did a vision of a blue-chip shopping destination end up looking like an industrial estate for ‘big value’ brands?

Bargains by the beach, if you will, replacing Southport’s Hellenic colonnades, gardens and the magnificent Romanesque open-air lido.

All that was left a decade on was a glass-strewn wasteland by its entrance, ruining the views of the rebuilt pier and promenaders ambling down the new sea wall.

That all changed quite quickly this summer, as a new pub took further shape every night.

Now it’s open and it’s busy, so we opted to give it a go.

The children had Mac and Cheese Hot Dogs with chips and sweetcorn lashed with butter.

There was little left but I witnessed something that looked like a meaty treat with cheese and macaroni cased in a light batter.

And it got the thumbs up.

The lad had a small carvery for £3.99, with loads of lean ham and juicy beef, two Yorkshire puddings (the carver told us to tell no-one he was only supposed to give one), lashings of gravy and some good old proper rustic carrots that were magnificent.

There was one nice little touch as well, with the waitress telling us the main dishes were ready so now was the time to visit the carvery.

Only problem was he’d wolfed it down and was now climbing on the in-view play area which looks out towards the sea, or where it would be if it wasn’t out of sight.

All well and good on the youngsters’ front.

Wife Jude and I had cheese covered garlic bread (£2.05) and dunked chunks in garlic mushrooms (£3.85).

I’ll be honest, the mushies tasted and looked like one of the sauces that came with the steaks, but I’ll let that go as it was lovely.

For mains, Jude had 
sirloin, baked potato and Diane sauce, which was “yum” but “didn’t have enough sauce.”

I opted for something called Herefordshire Hop Ham, which came with bubble and squeak cakes smothered in a “rich cheese, Herefordshire Hop and Westons Scrumpy cider sauce.”

A lovely change from your standard pub fare is all I’ll say.

There was still time for a revelationary feature.

They did a Cake Carry Out service, for if you “didn’t leave room for pudding.”

Or in my case if you don’t fancy the bill rocketing by forking out for three and a half pounds a pop for afters, or desserts as some people call them. So off home we headed with my posh little bag holding a melt in the middle chocolate pudding to be savoured and shared with wifie once the kids have been settled in bed.

They’ll never know,

All in all a wholsesome scoff for 50-odd for five.

That’ll do.