A Saturday Night’s Alright

Preston Playhouse
Preston Playhouse
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Get A Slice of Saturday Night as Preston Musical Comedy Society tackle The Heather Brothers’ classical musical.

From tonight until Saturday at Preston Playhouse, audiences can relive the heady days of the 1960s as the society’s players take us back to Saturday night at the Club A-Go-Go where the blokes are out on the pull.

Hems are high and fringes low in this knowing and affectionate look back on the Swinging Sixties, brought to life with a fast-moving score of doo-wop and soft rock.

It’s a fairly raunchy romp – so parental guidance is recommended for children – with many laughs and just as many nostalgic sighs as the characters go through all the highs and lows of teenage emotions.

It’s Saturday night at the provincial nightspot Club A-Go-Go as seven teenagers flirt and eye each other

Dani Gallagher is teenager Sue who is going out with Gary (Kingsley Judd), but he flirts with Penny (Josephine Broadley) and the other girls every chance he gets while Sharon (Laura Tombs) and Rick (Liam Kitchen) like each other but are too shy to tell each other.

Eddie (Joe Pollard) has a wager riding on getting somewhere with “frigid” Bridget (Julie Oldfield) by closing time.

And club owner, ageing rocker Eric “Rubber-legs” De Vene, played by Mark Kendall, watches as the youngsters navigate the rituals of fashion, music, sex and relationships he knows so well.

With direction and musical staging by Mark Howard, musical direction by Colin Wildman and choreography by Zak Yates

Tickets are available on 01772 721835 or 07745 745952.