Amazing mix of life, film and virtuality

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A new production by a local theatre company which fuses live action with film and computer imagery is to premiere at Lancaster University at the end of this month.

Lancaster writer and director Andrew Quick has created The Zero Hour for Lancaster company, Imitating the Dog, and the show runs at Lancaster’s Live at LICA on January 30 and 31.

The production follows three couples in a twisted tale from the final hours of the war in Berlin in 1945, showing how a moment in history can have different outcomes. The protagonists’ lives connect and the play builds a picture of human stoicism highlighted against history in a plot about a film being directed by a famous Chinese director and crew.

The show mixes live actors with pre-recorded film, animation and computer generated imagery to create a world where human relations are at the heart of historical events.

Disturbing and romantic by turns, the show is permeated by all of the keynote hallmarks of the groundbreaking company, Imitating the Dog, whose last involvement at the Dukes was to create amazing scenery projections for the Sherlock Holmes play Hound of the Baskervilles in September last year.

They use innovative combination of digital media, design and physical performance to create creates off-kilter worlds within which public and private obsessions are explored.

Tickets £11.50 from the box office on 01524 594151 or e-mail: