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Theatre review
Theatre review
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Chorley Little Theatre has announced that there will be open auditions for their next two stage productions.

Plays ‘Breaking the Code’ and ‘The 39 Steps’ will be cast on the same day, Sunday December 1. A spokesman for the theatre said this would offer everyone an opportunity to audition for one, or both plays.

The format of the day will be:

· Registration and Introductions

· Workshop – everyone

· Auditions for Breaking the Code

· Auditions for The 39 Steps

The auditions will start at 2pm prompt, it is expected the audition will conclude by 6pm.

‘Breaking the Code’ by Hugh Whitemore will be directed by Mark Jones and produced by Ian Ormonroyd.

The production will run from Monday February 24 to Saturday March 1.

The play tells the story of brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, who devised the means of cracking the German Enigma code and helped win World t

The 39 Steps is adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan.

Directed by Sean Duxbury., the production will run from Monday April 28 to Saturday May 3.