In space nobody can hear you Chuckle...

Chucklebrothers Space Oddity
Chucklebrothers Space Oddity

Brothers in barminess Paul and Barry Chuckle are boldly going where no man has been before.

In 2014: A Space Oddity at Southport Theatre tomorrow afternoon, the brothers Chuckle blast off for a cosmic comic adventure like no other.

While visiting a toy shop to buy water pistols, the pair stumble across a large ‘toy’ space ship, and naturally they climb aboard.

‘Don’t touch anything,’ shouts the shop keeper, ‘especially that button!’

This button they ask? Yes he replies. Obviously, this being the Chuckle Brothers, you can guess what comes next.

Don’t miss this brand new hilarious adventure as the Chuckle Brothers take their unique brand of madness to infinity and beyond!

Tickets £15,