No wolf whistles at this fabulous small production

Theatre review
Theatre review

Little Red Riding Hood

Liverpool Actors Studio

I’d never really understood fringe, or concepts like off Broadway.

But now I can relate to off Hanover (Street).

Walking up to Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre was akin to creeping in the dark towards a low-rent Kids from Fame Academy.

All peeling paint, old seats and rickety doors, you knew place thrived because of the passion of its people rather than the latest Z-lister Pantomime villain. And so it proved.

The twist on the old tale saw a former club singer mum as someone who’d toured with Chas n Dave, still distraught by Limahl’s departure from Kajagoogoo, and a hippy gran trying to balance her chakras with a passion for QVC.

Yup, this was going to be different – and a pleasure.

The whole night had a lovely on-the-hoof feel to it, after all the theatre’s 80-odd seats only stretched about 20ft back from the stage.

Special praise for Barrie Ryan English as Wilf the Wolf – undoubtedly the best Mancunian cowardly badger in wolf’s clothing with over-exaggerated tick-tock mannerisms in Scouse theatre land today.

Places like this deserve the public’s support.

It runs until Saturday, with tickets £12.

Alan Burrows