Snow White - Chorley Little Theatre

Snow White pantomime, Chorley Little Theatre
Snow White pantomime, Chorley Little Theatre
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Snow joking, this panto is a Little cracker.

It is Snow White’s 18th birthday so it’s party time in Chorley.

Court Jester (Alan Levesley) leads the cast, right, with capable help from Dame Dolly Flagella (Andy Burke) in this comical festive production directed by Ian Robinson.

At times, Dolly took on mannerisms of Eric Morecambe – most notably in a parody of the famous breakfast routine.

Kim Brookfield is excellent as wicked Queen Slytherina who sends her two sidekicks, Bodgit (Sarah Rosental) and Hodgit (Steven Catterall) into the forest to kill Snow White (Anna Richardson).

But when push comes to shove, they abandon her instead, leaving her to find her way to the home of seven vertically-challenged people.

In a break from tradition, the dwarfs do not have the usual names – they are Boris, Floris, Morris, Doris, Horace, Norris ... and Frank!

The Queen and her Scouse-talking Mirror (Siobhan Edge in a sparkly suit) make a great target for boos and hisses.

Dave Hartley is the Chamberlain, John Holland, the henpecked King Copernicus, Ciaran O’Brien is the charming Prince Kevin.

The choreography is well thought out and the young dancers are delightful. There were a few delays with scene changes on opening night but these should get quicker.

There’s some lively music with some inventive lyrics – Imagine Mirror, Mirror, Mirror sung to Abba’s Money, Money, Money.