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Theatre reviews
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Edinburgh Fringe’s favourite time-travelling magicians, Morgan & West stop off at Chorley Little Theatre on Friday, September 19.

The pair bring A Grand Adventure which promises “a marvellous, magical spectacle that will awe and entertain both adults and children”.

Their comedy adventure is “chockfull of jaw-dropping, brain-bursting, gasp-eliciting feats of magic.

“The dashing time travelling magic duo will be offering up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small an amount of panache. This Victorian illusionist duo gets tighter and tighter every year and their slick, stylised show is always a Fringe treat.”

This year, time travelling Victorian magicians Morgan & West have lost the secrets to all of their tricks and by hell or high water intend to get them back. Join the dashing duo on the expedition of a lifetime as they cross continents, meddle with miscreants and sneak into secret societies.

“Two self-confessed dirty rotten scoundrels did much more than waxen twist their moustaches when they lured the unsuspecting audience into their card den of delectable deception; like the coins and cards and rules of chance and probability that they handle and possess with sublime proficiency, one is, quite literally, twisted around their little finger.”

Tickets: £15