There will be ‘a ‘fly in ointment in new show

Politician's wife Anne Lang with Dr Billing (Peter Rabbitts) in RATS' farce.
Politician's wife Anne Lang with Dr Billing (Peter Rabbitts) in RATS' farce.
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Ribchester Amateur Theatrical Society’s forthcoming production ‘A Fly in the Ointment’ is a return to classic farce, written by Derek Benfield, who has penned several knock about plays,

RATS performed his ‘Wild Goose Chase’ several years ago and this one is said to be quite up to date in its writing and relevance, concerning a government minister, almost caught in flagrante with his mistress in her sea-side bungalow. Naturally enough, he is involved in a twisted tale of mistaken identities, double entendres, and slapstick and of course, the good wife appears to demand explanations, but is then caught in her own love triangle.

Lovelorn doctor, randy policewoman, nosey pizza delivery boy combine with husband, wife and girlfriend to confuse everyone, including themselves.

The play has definite overtones of Joe Orton’s ‘What the Butler saw’ and Alan Bennett’s ‘Habeas Corpus’, another play performed by RATS, twice!

Derek Benfield had a successful career as an actor and those who remember the BBC’s Sunday night, long running ‘The Brothers’ may recall Derek as the transport foreman.

Audiences are said to be guaranteed plenty of good laughs and RATS’ cast features David Procter as the philanderer, Caroline Hindle as his mistress, Anne Lang as the suspicious wife, Will Thomas as the blackmailing pizza delivery boy, Susan Cronshaw in the unlikely, but hilarious role of the policewoman with a mission and Peter Rabbitts as a lovesick GP. Robin Simmons is the producer of this chaos and hopes to see you all at the village hall on Thursday, Friday or Saturday November 13, 14 and 15. Tickets from 878530.