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The Lane Ends pub in Ashton
The Lane Ends pub in Ashton
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If cask ale is your thing then there’s a ‘hop-notch’ new venue in town.

Well that isn’t quite true.The Lane Ends pub in Ashton (or Lane Ends to be precise) has been around for generations – but a major revamp has just transformed the place and introduced an improved selection of real ale.

The Lane Ends pub in Ashton

The Lane Ends pub in Ashton

In fact, to cut a long story short, this is now probably one of the best real/cask ale pubs in Preston.

And that’s certainly the direction the pub seems to want to go in.

A-boards outside lure in ale lovers with offers of discounts for CAMRA members while classy gold window lettering and wall signs boast of the selection of cask and craft beers.

I live close by and don’t like drinking anything other than good cask ale when I go out.

The Lane Ends pub in Ashton

The Lane Ends pub in Ashton

I’ve been itching (literally sometimes) to nip over for a beer since the upgrade. I have to admit I was excited as I walked past the new topiaried trees on the cobbled patio and inside over the tiled and bare plank floor towards the bar, now resplendent with a Victorian-style white tile wall.

The grubby carpet and wallpaper have gone and the place is smarter and cleaner.

You could even say there’s a bit of an urbane atmosphere. I’m sure some the loyal regulars will appreciate the quality and feel genuinely proud as they sip their pints.

I pondered this all as I chose my first pint.

Brewed especially for the Lane Ends, The End (3.9% abv), was a deliciously refreshing brew.

It was ruby coloured and full flavoured but also light and clean tasting – a little like the new Lane Ends itself.

The next pint - Hobgoblin Gold (4.5% abv) was also an absolute treat.

Lighter in colour than regular Hobgoblin and with a tangy and hoppy punch, this was a delight.

I felt increasingly refreshed as this golden ale easily slipped down. This was partly due to the citrusy tones of the drink.

My last ale of the morning (I was waiting outside for the pub to open) was Wainwright (4.1% abv) by Thwaites.

It was pleasant enough and slipped down nicely. To be honest it was perhaps a little bland compared to the previous pints.

But I wasn’t disappointed at all. There were other real ales for me to try.

Cask ale enthusiasts are creatures of habit and know what they want and where to get it.

They should definitely add the Lane Ends on to their tour.

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