Why Italy won the World Cup in our house...

Pizza, (below) garlic mushrooms with cheese from Papas at longton
Pizza, (below) garlic mushrooms with cheese from Papas at longton
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There was something of a panic on.

The World Cup kick off times had presented us with a dilemma. How to get home from work early, watch the match(es) and find time to make dinner all at the same time?

Garlic mushrooms with cheese from papas in longton

Garlic mushrooms with cheese from papas in longton

There was only one answer...a takeaway.

After much deliberation, it was agreed that pizza was the best option - after all, it can be eaten from a box in front of the TV, Wayne and Waynetta-style, with the added bonus of no washing up afterwards!

So I headed off to Papa’s at Longton on the way home from LEP Towers to pick up our pre-ordered goodies.

To start, we had two different kinds of mushrooms - one plain garlic and one with cheese.

The plain mushrooms were good, plenty of garlic seeping through the breadcrumbs, but those with cheese were sublime.

There were eight good-sized mushrooms in the carton, oozing garlicky juices and topped with stretchy mozarella. Delicious. On another occasion we’ll order them with just a garlic bread to mop up.

But it was on to the pizzas. A Quattro Stagioni (four seasons) for me, plus extra salami on top. The pizza base was thin and crispy, while the toppings -olives, artichokes, mushrooms, ham and salami - were plentiful. Good stuff.

Husband Bob had opted for the Calzone - a folded over pizza which looks a little like a Cornish pasty, containing a host of fillings - everything from spicy beef and ham to chicken and sweetcorn. It came with a tomato sauce -requested extra piquant - which caused a bit of grumbling as it needed to be decanted into a bowl, thereby causing washing up. However, it was declared a spicy triumph and a new favourite.

After all that, it was back to the football. Italy may not have won the cup, but their food takes some beating.

Gillian Parkinson